Friday, March 9, 2012

Half a year!

It is so weird to me how much you can love and care about someone when they have only been in your life for such a short time. I love this baby he brings so much happiness into our home. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father trusted me enough to have him.

Height 27 3/4 90%
Weight 17 1/2 25%
Head 16.78 25%

Everyday William is learning new things and developing. He can now sit but can't get to the sitting position yet. He now hates anything but sitting but we still have tummy time. He can scoot himself a little but doesn't know he is doing it quite yet, just a matter of time I guess. He is also learning to hit things together and make noise. Just over the last little bit I have noticed that he knows who I am and when I leave the room he sometimes cries for a minute than starts doing something else and is fine.

Friday, February 10, 2012

5 Months

William Is getting so big! We love him so MUCH!
Things He can do
-He loves rice cereal, carrots, green beans, and applesauce
-He loves rolling everywhere
-He laughs and smile a ton
-He is getting a tooth:(
-He loves the yellow box his toy goes in

We aren't sure how big Will is but he wears 12 month PJ's and they fit him in length pretty well.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas and Our Visit to Utah

I got a Jogging stroller and I love it!!

Fell asleep on the way home, he's getting ready for anything that comes his way.

I love these Boys!

The funniest part about these is jonathan in the reflection of the piano.

He loved playing on the piano.

Just being themselves

Grandma Porter and the beautiful quilt she made for Will.

Talking to Elder Porter, we miss him!

I love this picture, it's in front of my parents Christmas tree.

Opening presents with Mom Christmas morning.

Christmas Eve

Frog hat aunt Emily gave him

Cutest Santa I've ever seen

I found a new hobby puzzles, who knew?

Christmas Morning

We went to Utah for the holidays, we had so much fun! It's so nice that we live so close to our family that we can visit as often as we do. It was William's First Christmas he didn't seem to care much, but he did get a few toys that he like to grab and put in his mouth. We stayed at The Porter's house for Christmas Which was so much fun! We also stayed at my parents for half the time. WE love being with our family and we are so blessed! I love the christmas and it's a great time to spend with family. I'm also grateful for Jesus Christ birth, and the blessings he gives us all. It was really hard to leave and get back to real life but I think we can handle it. Thanks to everyone who made the holidays so wonderful!

Four Months!

William four month check up went well other than the shots, poor baby he was sad. It broke my heart! He is learning new things everyday i love to see him grow and develop. We love having him in our family!

Height 26 inches
Weight 15 1/2 pounds
Head 16 inches

Will Knows how to roll over back to tummy, grab toys, eat hands, smile and talk.

Williams Blessing

We loved having everyone over for Will's blessing! It was so good to have visitors. Will was such a good baby the whole time he was being blessed didn't even make one little sound! Jonathan did such a great job blessing William it was beautiful! What a great day:)

Viva Las Vegas!

This might be old news but we moved to Vegas in August, about ten days later we had William. I haven't had a chance to put any pictures of where we live.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Two Months

Will has GROWN!
Weight 11lbs 7oz / 50th percentile
Height 23 3/4 inches/ 80th percentile
Head 14 inches / 3rd percentile

Man time fly's! I can't believe William is two months old already! We have had so much fun with him and love having him in our family. Today was his two month check up and he got his shots, he really didn't like that! William also smiled at me last Friday for the first time, I loved it! He also gave me a few yesterday, I'm hoping it becomes an everyday thing. He still doesn't want to take a nap for more than an hour during the day but, he only wakes up once in the night,which has been so nice.

Can you see his band aid from his shots?

Dad and Will watching a little BYU football, we're starting him off right. I'll laugh when he likes dancing not sports.

I love his little leg sticking out of his blanket. l'm surprised hes still sleeping.

This picture makes me laugh, his cheeks look so chubby, my mom made the super cute hat he's wearing.

He loves those arms!